Nella Barkley is a frequent contributor to and source for national media. Here’s a sampling of the media who’ve come calling in recent years, and what she shared with them.

“Sometimes you just need to modify your career path rather than abandon it entirely.” 

-Wall Street Journal 

“She recommends clients ask themselves questions about the past year: What have I learned? What skills have I acquired? Is what I’m working at still fun? Then, try some queries about the future: What’s the next step? How soon do I want to take it? And what can I do to make it happen?”

-Wall Street Journal 

“Regardless of age, the key is to make time for the introspection necessary to grow in understanding of the proper course to take.”

-Charleston Regional Business Journal 

“A profound career change…usually takes years. But even small first steps often make people happier. Simply having a plan for long-term change brightens people’s attitudes.”

-Wall Street Journal

“’It makes me cringe when people waste their time pursuing degrees that don’t really matter to them. If you’re driven by ought-to’s rather than want-to’s, you’ll never shine—you’ll just be someone who’s always fighting her way up. Ask yourself, how can I take the skills I’ve acquired so far and apply them to what I care about?’”

-More Magazine

“’ I have clients think back over their lives and write stories about the things they’ve enjoyed doing, and through those stories, their skills and attributes become apparent.’”

-More Magazine

“What Crystal-Barkley seminars aim at is forcing people to understand themselves, their values and desires and plan their careers and their life with these in mind.”

-The Toronto Star 

“After undergoing the Life/Work Design process, one manufacturing company immediately saw the value of a male needlepoint enthusiast for a role that required good eye-hand coordination, attention to detail, and the ability to work intricately over long periods of time.”

-Human Resources

“The erosion of loyalty is creating a new style of employee-corporate relations. ‘Call it Me Inc.’”

-Business Week 

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