Solving the quandary of job seekers (and their parents) is Nella Barkley's step-by-step process, developed from her nationally recognized career-coaching service.

  • She shows you how to:
  • Become a coach to your child/client
  • Help define skills, interests, and values
  • Encourage goal setting
  • Coach your daughter or son in the technique of surveying

Along the way you just may discover something else: a richer and deeper relationship. Includes exercises throughout and a complete resource section. Find out why following a dream may well be the most practical career step your child can take.

How To Help Your Child Land The Right Job (without being a pain in the neck) by Nella Barkley, Workman Publishing, ISBN: 1-56305-152-4, $9.95 US, is available at your local bookstore or


Three Steps to Becoming Your Own Career Coach.

  • An interactive, in-depth guidebook based on the:Life\Work Design program run by Crystal-Barkley.
  • It focuses on the individual, not on just getting a job
  • It gives job seekers and practical dreamers the tools they need to find careers that feel meaningful, well paying --- secure.

Step 1: Who Am I?

Step 2: Where Am I Going?

Step3: How Do I Get There?

The Crystal-Barkley Guide To Taking Charge Of Your Career, Nella Barkley and Eric Sandburg, Workman Publishing, ISBN: 1-56305-495-7, $9.95 US, is available directly from Crystal Barkley. Please send us an email request and we will contact you with ordering details.


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